Red Doors Studio – Ancient Healing for Modern Times

Red Doors Studio is a center of calm situated in the heart of the up and coming area of Wong Chuk Hang on Hong Kong Island. It offers a number of modalities to bring balance, calm and focus to one’s mind, body and spirit. We bring ancient, time-tested practices of sound healing using meditation gongs, walking meditation on labyrinths and Kundalini yoga to the community. Red Doors serves as a platform for complimentary practices to elevate energy.




The sound of a meditation gong induces a state of spontaneous meditation and relaxation, which facilitates the movement of chi or prana (positive life force) throughout the body. On a physical level, the vibrations eliminate tension, stimulate the circulation and glandular systems, and regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system. Listeners experience a sense of connectedness and peace. They are lulled from a Beta, or awake state, into a Theta, or lucid dream state; a state that allows our bodies to heal and rejuvenate. The sound waves gently clear blockages to restore inner harmony.

Other benefits include calming the mind and stopping internal dialogue; rebalancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies; and awakening higher states of consciousness that are conducive to healing and transformation. A gong bath lets your entire body relax, renew and rejuvenate. In turn, this leaves you feeling content, clear headed, energetic and optimistic.

Red Doors offers regularly scheduled new moon and full moon gong baths, gong training, sound events and all night gong pujas and private or small group sessions.




RED Doors Introduces Four Days Of House Events With Pragnya Wakhlu: 

On A Journey To Discovering One’s Personal Vibrations Through The Science Of Sacred Sound

May 25 - 29 2017

Based out of New Delhi,India, Pragnya Wakhlu is a professional musician, sound alchemist and the founder of Mousai India. Her passion for working with music and people led her to quit her successful career in I.T. in the U.S. and return to India to delve into research on the healing powers of music & movement.

Pragnya trained under the guidance of Indian sound healer Shruti Poddar understanding the healing powers of Vedic sound and mantras. She completed her Tibetan bowl practitioner certification under the guidance of Russian physicist Vladimir Skaska. She holds a Level 2 Certification from the ‘Training in Power ‘ Academy USA is aCertified Interplay trainer and Life Coach (American Fast Track Coaching Academy). Pragnya is a trained Indian classical singer and continues to learn under Ustab Aftab Ahmad Khan.Pragnya founded Mousai India in 2009 after extensive experiments and research on the effects of sound and movement on the body-mind. Since 2009, Mousai has been facilitating transformative sound and movement workshops for AID's patients, women, children ,schools and corporates .Mousai has been featured in the book “Inspiring Women to start Innovative Enterprises” and on Techstory India.

Being one of the few women singer-songwriters in the Indian circuit, she has played over 300 shows in India and across the world. She released her debut album ‘Journey to the Sun’ in May 2012 and was nominated as the ‘Best female Vocalist’ from India at the ‘Bite my Music’ Global Music awards .She was recently nominated for the GIMA awards for 'Best music Debut' & 'Best Pop Album' and is a two time nominee at the Jack Daniels Rock awards for ‘Best Female Vocalist’.


Red Doors Performs at a New Product Launch for Shiseido


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