Tibetan Singing Bowl Training Level 1 and 2

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Training Level 1 and 2

from 3,500.00

Level 1 Thursday and Friday April 5-6

Level 2 Saturday and Sunday April 7-8

0930-1700 each day

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This two-day workshop is the first of a series leading to a Master Tibetan Bowl Practitioner accreditation from world recognized Maayaa Healing International School in Rishikesh. We are honored to have their Founder and Master Healer lead this workshop for the first time in Hong Kong.

Edgar Cayce said ‘sound was the medicine of the future’.  The use of sacred traditional instruments dates back thousands of years and include bowls, gongs, drums, rattles and voice to disrupt energetic blockages and to allow a state of inner peace, resonance and entrainment. 

Bowls calm the mind, calming the body to allow for a state of relaxation and renewal.  They are also effective for Aura Harmonizing, deep sleep, deepening meditative states, digestive disorders, fatigue, emotional imbalances, joint and muscle aches.  The benefits of playing bowls is that they are easily transportable, they are well suited for Hong Kong in that they will not disturb the neighbors, one benefits through playing for oneself or others leaving you renewed in mind, body and spirit.  Dr. Mitch Gaynor previous head of oncology at Cornell University advocated the use of bowls for his patients. Those that did needed less pain medication, responded better to treatments with fewer side effects and many went into remission.  Regardless if you have a medical issue or not, regardless of age, everyone benefits from the soothing sound of bowls.  Given the increasing stress levels in the city, the playing of bowls is one effective tool to finding inner peace that benefits both the player and your audience.

By the end of the workshop you will:

·       Know the history and context of Tibetan bowls,

·       Understand the benefits of bowl therapy towards body, mind and spirit

·       Know how to synchronize your energy with the bowl

·       Appreciate the different types and qualities of bowls and how to select and care for one

·       Learn and practice a variety of techniques to play for oneself and others

·       Know how to format and deliver a bowl experience

This workshop is suitable for all levels of players, from those who are simply interested in learning about bowls with no experience whatsoever to those who may have some training or experience already.

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate for the first level of Tibetan Bowl Playing granted by Maayaa Healing International School, Rishikesh.  She will return next year to continue the training.


Level two picks up where Level 1 left off.  You will add skills to work on yourself, on a client as well as sharing the bowls with a group.  At the end of the workshop you will

·       Know how to balance the 7 Chakras using bowls

·       Have practiced Aura Cleaning & Kundalini Activation

·       Be able to deliver a group sound bath

·       Learn therapies utilising the bowls to address key issues including hips, back and digestive ailments

·       Experience therapy for improving Memory and building Confidence.

·       Learn how to energetically cleanse spaces with bowls

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate for the first level of Tibetan Bowl Playing granted by Maayaa Healing International School, Rishikesh.  She will return next year to continue the training.

During Maayaa's visit she will conduct a singing bowl concert on Saturday, April 7 from 1900-2030 as well as a joint gong/bowl evening with Martha on Thursday, April 5 from 1900-2030 as well. Participants of the workshops may attend at a discounted rate.

Payment - You may pay online here, payment through instalments is available as well. Please inquire at info@red-doors.com

Bring - Wear comfortable clothes usually white in colour, but not necessary. Some bring crystals to be recharged by the bowls if you wish.

Provided - Mats, blankets, bolsters, meditation cushions, essential oils and homemade spiced tea, and bowls.


Should you register for an event using your pre-paid package and then not show for the event, the payment is non-refundable and will be deducted from your total remaining credit.  Packages are valid for three months from the date of purchase and may be used as credit for other studio offerings.  You may also use your credit to pay for a friend.  You will receive notification one month prior to their expiry. They are not extendable.

Gift cards are not refundable and are valid only for the purpose for which they were purchased.

Studio Etiquette - Please be considerate of the needs of others. Most come to de-stress and claim quiet time. Enter the studio space quietly and keep your voices low prior to class. If anyone wishes to be silent or not engaging, please respect their choice.

Entering the Studio - Feel free to enter 15 minutes before class begins. Leave shoes, bags, coats, phones and other personal belongings in the cubbies near the door.  Ensure your phone is on silent (not just vibrate). If the studio door is closed, please do not disturb the occupants though.

Latecomers- Class will start on time.  Sometimes it is unavoidable to be late. Enter quietly and make as little noise and fuss as possible. If we are tuning in, please wait until we have finished the chants though.

Ending class - Please help us maintain the studio by returning all props to their original locations. Blankets are folded neatly in rectangles and stacked in the cupboards. Mats stacked neatly on the trolley. Take responsibility for washing your own tea cup. We wish you to feel as though the studio is an extension of your home and appreciate your attention and help in keeping it tidy, clean and welcoming.