Tibetan Healing Bowl and Sound Healing (One-on-One Sessions)

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Tibetan Healing Bowl and Sound Healing (One-on-One Sessions)

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Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. Sound is a type of energy medicine that creates the sacred space in which people can heal from stress disorders, pain, depression, the emotional roller coaster and more. It has the ability to reach the cellular level and create energy shifts.

During our waking state, the normal frequency of our brain waves is that of Beta. Sound tools entrain the brain to move into the deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies. These are the frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition. Modern medicine can now measure and thus confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing.

One-on-one session details

A typical session lasts two hours. You will be seated for part of the session and will lie down for the latter half fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Bowls are placed and played all around your body, near your head and on your chakras (energy centers). Clients are asked to wear comfortable clothing without buttons, zippers or jewelry. After the session you are offered tea before you go home.

The session will include:

•    Yogic breath work practice to silence and elevate the mind
•    Vedic mantra for wholeness and optimum health
•    Chakra balancing with sound
•    Tibetan bowl session

Pragnya integrates a variety of sound techniques to provide a more holistic and integrated experience. This combination creates a true body, mind, spirit connection so vital to natural healing.

Science behind Tibetan Bowl healing

Tibetan singing bowls are 'struck and sung' in specific rhythmic patterns to create vibrational sound harmonics. This sound frequency impacts the sympathetic nervous system as your brain waves synchronize to the vibrations of the bowls. The harmonic vibrations engage the relaxation reflex and slow down the respiratory, brain and heart rate and disrupt the pain reflex creating a deep sense of well being.

What are the benefits?

Among the many are relief from pain, stress- related conditions and the ability to alter ones consciousness. After the session clients experience a feeling of “lightness”, improved memory, clarity, vitality and the ability to take action. Many report out of body experiences, a deep sense of tranquility, sleep soundly and feel the effects of the treatment for several days.