Power Nap, Dec 19


Power Nap, Dec 19


Wednesday, Dec 19


Horizontal life pauses are now the ultimate benefit for increasing productivity, creativity and well-being.

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Cats have this incredible ability to sleep anywhere, seemingly at any time. In Japan sleeping on the job is seen in a positive light showing your dedication to work.  In most other countries however the reverse is true. However current research proves that a short nap can significantly impact wellbeing.  A 20 minute nap can:

•    Restore alertness
•    Promote learning and boosts memory
•    Enhance physical and cognitive performance
•    Reduces stress and balances hormones
•    Reduce mental fatigue and burnout
•    Reverse information overload
•    Heighten creativity
•    Improve mood and increases productivity
•    Manage cortisol which controls weight control

Take a break for a pause that refreshes and join us for a deep relaxation pick-me-up to the sound of meditation gongs.  Mats, blankets, lavender eye bags are all supplied.  All you need do is book in advance. You are welcome to bring your lunch and eat in our breakout area afterwards. Tea, filtered water and lemon water available.

Pricing - HK$150 / pp

Booking - You may book online or make a deposit into our bank account Red Doors Studio Ltd HSBC 848685749838 and send us the confirmation slip.

Bring - Wear comfortable clothes (usually white in colour, but not necessary). If you wish bring your favorite crystals to be recharged.  

Provided - Mats, Blankets, Bolsters

Getting Here - By MTR exit Wong Chuk Hang station off the South Island Line, take exit B. Walk to far end of pedestrian overpass, down the steps and turn left onto Yip Kan Rd.  We are the third  car park opening on left, if you see a fire hydrant, you are there.  Enter through the back of building after 1800 not the entrance on Wong Chuk Hang Rd. Parking available on the street at night.

Studio Etiquette - You may enter 15 minutes before class, please leave shoes, coats, phones and personal belongings in the cubbies by the door. To facilitate a meditative environment, please leave your phone on silent, outside the room. Please be considerate for the needs of others.  Most people come to classes to de-stress and claim quiet time. Enter the studio quietly, keep your voices low prior to class. If a person wishes to be silent, please respect their space. 

Latecomers - Class will begin on time.  If you are late, please wait until the tuning in mantras are completed and enter with minimum disturbance to the others.

End of class - Please help us maintain the studio by returning all props to their original locations. Blankets folded neatly in rectangles, mats stacked on the trolley. Take responsibility for washing your own tea cup.  We appreciate you feeling as though the studio is an extension of your own home and appreciate your help in keeping it tidy, clean and welcoming.

Cancellations - If you are unable to attend a group event that you have registered for, you may call / email to reschedule up until 1500 or two hours before on the day of the event at no penalty. You may find a replacement or you may reschedule for a similarly priced event once within a period of six weeks from the registered event. Otherwise you will forfeit the fee and if paid by a package, it will be deducted from your total. Packages are valid for three months from date of purchase. You will be sent a reminder prior to their expiration date. They are non-extendable.

Gift vouchers - Are valid only for the purpose for which they were purchased and are not refundable.