Discover Pansori - Sound Oriented Singing

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Discover Pansori - Sound Oriented Singing


Sunday, February 24, 2019


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Workshop: Discover Pansori

 On 24 February 2019 (Sunday) Yvonne de Bruijn and Ester Putter will give an introductory workshop in the Pansori Living Sound-approach, organized by Living Light Centre and hosted here at Red Doors Studio.

 Pansori is a word in Korean language and means: playground of the voice.

Pansori Living Sound was originated in 1995. It is a fascinating way to sing, that has a remarkable effect on balancing the human body. It also melt the blockages that prevent our personal growth. In Pansori we work with 4 aspects of human life: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/social aspect. In the workshop we will discover how the Pansori-sounds affect these different aspects.

Sound-oriented singing

In Pansori we work with a special kind of singing called: sound-oriented singing. Through small stimulations and the development of our ears the unique sound of every voice will develop.

While we deeply listen to our voice, new sounds develop and the range of our sounds widened. New openings in the use of our voice emerge and we hear more resonance and more new sounds. We listen without judging the sounds.


This kind of singing develops high frequencies in the voice, which are also called brilliance. They stimulate the integration of the different parts of our brain and create new network connections there. These connections open new potentials for our brain. We become inventive and creative.


Awareness of our body plays an important role in Pansori Living Sound, our voice is an expression of the openness and movability of our body. Our body has large and small resonating spaces that can be accessed by our voice and can start resonating and expanding our voices. We will work on several exercises to get in touch with these spaces and we explore our inner ear.

How to apply Pansori Living Sound?

In the last 20 years Yvonne has worked with many different health-issues. Many of her experiences were with people who suffer brain damages and she has witnessed extraordinary healing processes under the influence of the voice. It brought her to an understanding on how important it is for all of us to develop our singing voices in this way, because it will give us an instrument to heal ourselves. The students who completed the 2-year basic Pansori Living Sound-training found that they could work in many different settings: music, singing, hospices for the dying, trauma-healing and sessions for personal growth. They all use the Pansori-singing as a healing tool for themselves.

Contents of the workshop

In the workshop Yvonne and Esther will give a short presentation about the developmental of Pansori Living Sound and the effects on the human body. In this part they will also describe the scientific research that has been done about the effects of the Pansori-sound.

There will be a demonstration of a private session, so the participants in the workshop can experience the effects of the Pansori-sounds themselves.

We will also offer practical exercises to explore the connection between sound, our ears and the body.

And of course we will sing a lot together during this day.

Anyone who is interested in discovering the possibilities and effects of their own voice is welcome in this workshop. No prior knowledge about the voice is needed. We will discover lightness and joy in this journey.

We appreciate questions from the participants and enjoy an exchange about what we are teaching.

Book and CD-albums


In 2010, 2012 en 2017 Yvonne has recorded several CDs.

On the first album (2 cd’s) Pansori Living Sound she sings for the different parts of the brain.

The second album (2 cd’s) is called Children of the Heart and covers the birth process and the development of family-constellations.

Her latest recording is called: Pansori Living Sounds for a Blue and Green Planet and effects the frequency of our DNA.

This recording can be downloaded through via Apple Music: and Spotify.

The other albums can be ordered through: Windmusic – Taiwan


Yvonne’s book – The Voice, The Body and The Brain – The Art of Resonance is translated in Mandarin and can be ordered through Cite-publishers in Taiwan.

Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue: Red Doors Studio (Flat A, Floor 21, Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong)

Date: 24 February 2019 (Sunday)

Costs: HK$960 / pp

For further information and registration:

via Living Light Centre (Tel/WhatsApp: +852 93018531 / Email:   

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