Labyrinths - Ancient Tools for Modern Times

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Labyrinths - Ancient Tools for Modern Times

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Saturday - Sunday, March 2-3, Labyrinths - Ancient Tools for Modern Times
0930-1700 each day with a break for lunch

Join us for an experiential weekend of exploration and discovery. Beginning with the history of these ancient patterns and overview of the various types and traditional uses we will fast forward to the present to identify their relevance to modern man.  The workshop will teach you basic facilitation techniques through first hand experience.  Be prepared to walk your own path.

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This workshop is designed as a primer and overview of labyrinths from ancient times to today. Not only will you have a better understanding of the origin and development of labyrinths and their function as a form of walking reflection you will experiment with ways to make them relevant today. We will cover the types of labyrinths, provide an overview of how to make labyrinths, and explore ways and practice means of using them in a variety of settings. Be prepared to journey on your own road of personal discovery. Come with an open mind and wear comfortable clothes. Materials provided.

Class size min 6, max 12 to allow for greater interpersonal time. If there is insufficient enrolment we may offer the workshop as a semiprivate in one day instead.

About Martha Collard

Martha is passionate about labyrinths. Nearly 15 years ago she was googling ‘walking meditation’ and stumbled upon the image of a labyrinth and it was love at first sight. After attending a retreat, a facilitators workshop and builders workshop at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco she returned to Hong Kong to be ‘the drop that starts a ripple that becomes a tsunami of labyrinth awareness in Asia’. To this end she is the Asia Representative for the Labyrinth Society, has built portable labyrinths for a number of NOG’s; spoke of them at TEDx, worked with a myriad of schools and senior management teams; constructed temporary and permanent labyrinths in the UK, Canada, Germany, Thailand and of course HK. From making labyrinths with cancer survivors out of chopsticks on a beach to leading a labyrinth activity for 34,000 scouts at the World Jamboree in Japan her desire is the same - to share this simple, elegant and effective, reflective tool with all sectors of society.

Booking - You may book online or make a deposit into our bank account Red Doors Studio Ltd HSBC 848685749838 and send us the confirmation slip.

Studio Etiquette - Please be considerate of the needs and wishes of others.  Feel free to enter the studio 15 minutes prior to class in order to get sorted.  Please leave shoes, coats, phones (on silent or airplane mode), and personal belongings in the cubbies by the door.  If the door is closed, it generally means a practice is in session. Please wait to be invited to enter.

Latecomers - We will begin on time.  If you are late, wait for a natural break to enter the studio, please make as little disturbance as possible, and if possible sit near the rear of the studio.

End of evening- Please help us maintain the studio by returning all the props to their original locations. Blankets are folded neatly as you found them and stacked in the closet ready for re-sue.  Mats stacked neatly on the trolley.  Take responsibility for washing your own teacups and feel as though the studio is your own home. Your help is appreciated in keeping it tidy, welcoming and clean. Thank you.

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Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to get settled. Remember that the entrance is at the back of the building on Yip Kan Street after 1800 on weekdays and on public holidays.