Gotta Hit A Gong, July 22, 2017


Gotta Hit A Gong, July 22, 2017

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Saturday, July 22, 2017 


Gotta Hit A Gong:
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n this 2 hour intensive you will learn an overview of the history of the gong, the different types of gongs, the basics of approaching a gong, creating rapport with it, and most importantlylearn and practice basic strokes and playing patterns. 

You will develop your ability to listen, to become one with the gong and to understand how to tap into the universal sound current.

The workshop is suitable for all levels from beginner who has never touched a gong but is interested to learn to those who have had some experience and wish to practice their skills.

If you own a gong then please bring it with you, if not you will be playing the Red Doors house gongs. Class size is limited to ensure every student has one gong to themselves.

Our expectation is that by the end of the workshop you will have enough competenceand confidence to join the gong puja as a player for 30 minutes.


Should you register for an event and then not show for the event, the payment is non-refundable.

Gift Cards/Refunds - Gift Cards are not refundable and are valid only for the purpose for which they were purchased.

Studio Etiquette - Please be considerate of the needs and wishes of others.  Most people come to classes to de-stress and claim quiet time. Enter the studio space quietly, keep your voices low in the studio prior to class.   If a person clearly wants to be silent or not engage, please respect their space.  

Entering the Studio - Feel free to enter 15 minutes before class.
Please leave shoes, coats, phones and personal belongings in the cubbies by the door.
To facilitate a meditative environment, it is mandatory that your phone is on silent, (not vibrate).
If the studio door is closed, please do not disturb by entering. A closed door means that a practice is in session.

Latecomers - Class will begin on time.

End of Class - Please help us maintain the studio by returning all props to their original locations.  Blankets are folded neatly as per the photo and stacked ready for re-use.  Mats are stacked neatly on the trolley.  Take responsibility for washing your own cups etc.  We appreciate you feeling as though the studio is your own home and your help in keeping it tidy, clean and welcoming.

If you should find any equipment soiled or damaged, please bring it to the attention of the staff to be rectified.