ALL NIGHT GONG PUJA and Gotta Hit A Gong training, Mar 31 - Apr 1

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ALL NIGHT GONG PUJA and Gotta Hit A Gong training, Mar 31 - Apr 1

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Gotta Hit a Gong training Sat, March 31  1700-1830

Gong Puja Sat, March 31 2030 - 0630  Sunday, April 1


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On this weekend we are hosting a variety of events - a three day gong training intensive; an overnight gong puja AND a short 1.5 hr Gotta Hit a Gong workshop.  The descriptions below are for the short workshop and puja, the longer training is in another event post.


The objective of this intensive is to familiarise you with the gongs and to teach you basic strokes in order to participate by playing the gongs during the night. In this 1.5 hr hour intensive you will learn the basics of approaching a gong, creating rapport with it, and most importantly learn and practice basic strokes and playing patterns. 

The workshop is suitable for all levels from beginner who has never touched a gong but is interested to learn to those who have had some experience and wish to practice their skills. Minimum age 14 yrs old.

You will be playing the Red Doors house gongs. Class size is limited to ensure every student has one gong to themselves. Our expectation is that by the end of the workshop you will have enough confidence and competence to join the gong puja as a player for 30 minutes.  As a gong player you will hold the space fro the group by maintaining a bed of sound for the participants to float on during the night.  It is truly magical to be alone to commune with the gongs during the night.


Floating all night on a continuous sound wave, what could be a better way to celebrate the night of a blue full moon?

If you thought 45 minutes of gong relaxation was great, try multiplying it by a factor of 10. You will have a smile on your face as you float in perfect peace on the sound of the gongs. Come as a participant / sleeper only or learn to play the gongs beforehand and then join as a player. We rotate throughout the night in 30 minute shifts to produce just enough sound to maintain the magic. The gong puja starts from 2030 and continues to sunrise the next day followed by a continental breakfast. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know by email

You may participate as a gong player or a sleeper/participant. However priority is for gong players and space is strictly limited.  If you wish to learn to play the gongs then come earlier in the afternoon for a short Gotta Hit a Gong Workshop. The details are below.


Comfortable clothes (usually white in colour if possible)

Any crystals that you may wish to charge during the night.

Pillow and any other padding you may need to make yourself more comfortable.  It will be cold that night, so a fleece on top or sweater is advisable.

Water bottle with lid


Mats, blankets, bolsters, essential oils, yogi tea, continental breakfast, eye masks

Note: Training through Red Doors is compulsory to play the gongs during the puja.  Other musicians are welcome to join - drums, bowls, digeridoo etc.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time to get settled. Remember that the entrance is at the back of the building on Yip Kan Street after 1800.


Should you register for an event and then not show, the payment is non-refundable.

Studio Etiquette - Please be considerate of the needs and wishes of others.  Feel free to enter the studio 15 minutes prior to class in order to get sorted. Please leave shoes, coats, phones (on silent or airplane mode), and personal belongings in the cubbies by the door.  If the door is closed, it generally means a practice is in session. Please wait to be invited to enter.

Class will begin on time.  If you are late, wait for a natural break to enter the studio, please make as little disturbance as possible, and if possible sit near the rear of the studio.

End of class.  Please help us maintain the studio by returning all the props to their original locations. Blankets are folded neatly as you found them and stacked in the closet ready for re-sue.  Mats stacked neatly on the trolley.  Take responsibility for washing your own teacups and feel as though the studio is your own home. Your help is appreciated in keeping it tidy, welcoming and clean. Thank you.