Gong Training Level 2, Feb 5-6 2019

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170717_RedDoor (Image109of167).jpg

Gong Training Level 2, Feb 5-6 2019

from 500.00

Feb 5 Sat 0930 - 2100  Feb 6 Sun 0930 - 1730 Pricing: $5,000 Deposit: $500

Priority is given to students who take all levels. Those who are interested in any one or two levels, we suggest you to make a deposit and we will confirm if places is available by Jan 2019. We would issue full refund of the deposit if the class is full. If there are enough students, we may open extra classes.

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1st day 0930 - 2100 2nd day 0930-1730

Leading gong relaxations for individuals and groups including understanding the science of sound and the application of gongs to elicit specific results.

This workshop builds on the foundations laid in Level 1. In addition you will learn how to prepare, structure, lead and close a transformational gong experience for individuals or a group. 

At the conclusion of the workshop you will:
•    Built confidence with the skills learned in Level 1
•    Understand the basis of the science of sound as a therapeutic tool and its application using gongs
•    Understand the need for client assessment
•    Know how to prepare yourself and the environment to achieve maximum effect
•    Know how to structure a session with a particular intention through the choice of gong, meditation, mantra, mudra, posture
•    Reinforce intuitive play and centring practices while playing
•    Understand how to use a gong during a yoga practice

Upon completion of this course, you receive a Red Doors Certificate of Attendance documenting you have been trained in the necessary skills to play the gong with intention for individuals and small groups.

Prerequisite - Completion of Level 1

Pricing -  Gong Training Level 2 (2 Days + 1 Night)    HK$5,000

Booking - You may book online or make a deposit into our bank account Red Doors Studio Ltd HSBC 848685749838 and send us the confirmation slip.

Studio Etiquette - Please be considerate of the needs and wishes of others.  Feel free to enter the studio 15 minutes prior to class in order to get sorted.  Please leave shoes, coats, phones (on silent or airplane mode), and personal belongings in the cubbies by the door.  If the door is closed, it generally means a practice is in session. Please wait to be invited to enter.

Latecomers - Class will begin on time.  If you are late, wait for a natural break to enter the studio, please make as little disturbance as possible, and if possible sit near the rear of the studio.

End of class - Please help us maintain the studio by returning all the props to their original locations. Blankets are folded neatly as you found them and stacked in the closet ready for re-sue.  Mats stacked neatly on the trolley.  Take responsibility for washing your own teacups and feel as though the studio is your own home. Your help is appreciated in keeping it tidy, welcoming and clean. Thank you.


Should you cancel your participation in a workshop more than one (1) month prior to the event we will retain 20% handling fee.

Should you cancel your participation in a workshop between one (1) month and 14 days prior you will forfeit 50% of your booking.

Should you cancel within 14 – 7 days prior to the workshop you will forfeit 75% of the total fee.  And if the cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to the workshop, there will be no refund.

Rather than forfeit your payments, you are free to find someone else to attend in your place.

Refunds will be made within 14 days of  the completion of the workshop.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to get settled. Remember that the entrance is at the back of the building on Yip Kan Street on public holidays.