Gong Training Level 1 and 2 in Bangkok

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Gong Training Level 1 and 2 in Bangkok


Take the first steps to becoming a Gong CATalyst by joining Martha in Bangkok from Sept 20-24. In this action packed weekend she will offer a three day introductory Gong training, an overnight puja as well as two day level 2, playing for others. As members of the growing Gong Cat community we elevate energy, remove negativity and raise the vibrations of our clients, communities and the world. No experience necessary, simply an open mind and a desire to help others. If you own a gong, bring it, otherwise gongs will be provided.

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Hosted by the Healing Hub and Lotus Reiki in Bangkok.  All bookings and enquiries through Melanie Giles


The agenda is:

Sept 20, 21, 22 Thurs, Fri, Sat .    Gong Training Level 1 

Sept 21, Fri  evening gong bath

Sept 21-22 Sat - Sun . All night gong puja

Sept 22-23 Sun - Mon, Gong Training Level 2, Playing for Others

GONG TRAINING LEVEL 1  Thurs, Fri, Sat  0930-1730 each day

Have you ever wished to play a gong?  Now is your chance to spend three days and one night surrounded by and becoming one with the sounds of the universe.  In this three day workshop you will learn the history and myth of the gong as well as how to play the basic strokes.  

In this hands-on workshop you will develop your ability to listen, to become one with the gong, to understand how to tap into and play the universal sound current. The workshop is suitable for all levels from the beginner who has never touched a gong but is interested to learn to those who have had some experience and wish to go the next level.  If you own a gong then please bring it with you, if not you will be playing the Red Doors house gongs - the largest collection in Asia. If you wish to purchase a gong prior to the workshop we can help to advise you on your purchase.

Class size is limited to ensure every student has one gong to themselves and to allow for optimum playing and practice time.

GONG PUJA  Sat - Sun  2030 - 0600

If you thought 45 minutes of gong relaxation was great, try multiplying it by a factor of 10. You will have a smile on your face as you float in perfect peace on the sound of the gongs.  The gong players rotate throughout the night in 30 minute shifts to produce just enough sound to maintain the magic. The gong puja starts from 2030 and continues to sunrise the next day followed by a continental breakfast. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

1st day 0930 - 2100 2nd day 0930-1730

Leading gong relaxations for individuals and groups including understanding the science of sound and the application of gongs to elicit specific results.

This workshop builds on the foundations laid in Level 1. In addition you will learn how to prepare, structure, lead and close a transformational gong experience for individuals or a group. 

At the conclusion of the workshop you will:
•    Built confidence with the skills learned in Level 1
•    Understand the basis of the science of sound as a therapeutic tool and its application using gongs
•    Understand the need for client assessment
•    Know how to prepare yourself and the environment to achieve maximum effect
•    Know how to structure a session with a particular intention through the choice of gong, meditation, mantra, mudra, posture
•    Reinforce intuitive play and centring practices while playing
•    Understand how to use a gong during a yoga practice

Upon completion of this course, you receive a Red Doors Certificate of Attendance documenting you have been trained in the necessary skills to play the gong with intention for individuals and small groups.

Prerequisite - Completion of Level 1