Mala Magic Workshop Jan 13

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Mala Magic Workshop Jan 13

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Saturday, Jan 13, 2018


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Malas are typically used as a means to keep track of repetitions in prayer or meditation.  Nowadays many wear them as a reminder to stay present and to be mindful in your daily life.  Crystal expert Gillian Harrison and I lead this hands-on workshop where you will make your own mala using semi-precious stones.  Wonderful either as a  present to yourself or to a loved one, come and instil your energy and intention in a wearable piece.  All materials are provided however we ask you to choose your stone in advance.  We will bless the malas , show you how to use them for meditation,  recommend  meditations for each chakra and end by charging them with Reiki energy too.

Please choose a stone from the list below and select it when you book.  Space is limited.

Root chakra - Grounding and protection / Black tourmaline

Sacral Chakra -  Sex drive and creativity /Orange  / Carnelian

Solar Plexus - Abundance and Courage / Yellow / Citrine

Heart - Loving of yourself and others / Pink  / Rose Quartz

Throat - Speak your Truth / Blue / Blue lace agate or Sodalite (TBD)

Third eye - Relax, Intuition / Purple / Amethyst

Crown Chakra - Health and clarity / clear / Quartz

HK$750 / pp or HK$1400 for two