Stop, Reflect and De Stress for Schools

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Stop, Reflect and De Stress for Schools


Wednesday, Sept 25

An invitation only workshop to introduce both gong relaxation and walking on labyrinths as effective solutions to counter anxiety and stress in schools.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Stop, Reflect and De Stress

An informative and experiential workshop for key decision makers in the field of education who seek an alternative solution to stress in schools.

No one will argue the shocking statistics the government shares on a regular basis as to the extraordinary levels and negative effects of stress and anxiety on the youth in Hong Kong. Nary a day goes by without a letter to the editor or some mention of the magnitude of the issue, the number youth suicides, the increasing use of stimulants on the one hand and anti-depressants on the other.

Traditional solutions such as counselling one on one are already in place, and local schools receive government grants to pay for an additional two counsellors. Yet demand far exceeds supply. Many schools have started mindfulness programs and are introducing meditation practices.  Yet despite these offerings the numbers continue to rise.  Isn’t it time to try something new? 

We believe answers lie in the wisdom of the past, to slow down, rest and connect with ourselves and we do so using the deep relaxing sounds of meditation gongs and walking meditation on labyrinths.  Both serve to quiet the mind and relax the body. Both are suitable for all ages and both offer economies of scale.The first step is educate, inform and inspire leadership teams to sponsor and support this initiative.  We would cordially like to invite you to come to Red Doors (or another mutually convenient location) to experience both deep relaxation to the sound of gongs as well as walking a labyrinth.  Come to learn, have your questions answered and to experience a sense of peace and calm leaving you with a clear mind in only minutes.  Seeing is not believing, experiencing is. Once you are aware of the possibilities you’ll be inspired to allocate resources to these elegantly simple practical tools for wellbeing.

Venue: Red Doors Studio, 21st floor, Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen

Getting there: Refer to

Telephone: 2110 015

Deadline for enrolment: September 18, 2019. Only one participant per institution as we wish to share this opportunity with as many different schools as possible. Should you desire a follow up experience for your colleagues this can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.