Our intent is to elevate energy.  We facilitate experiences to enable you to go within, to understand one’s Self in order to lead a life of choice.

Red Doors Studio offers a place for the community to come together to share, learn and heal, using tools and techniques encompassing sound, meditation and body work. It is also home to Asia’s largest personal collection of meditation gongs. We also are active in the community working with schools, non-profits, special interest groups and corporates. 

Why ‘Red Doors’?

Doors symbolize new beginnings, discoveries, opportunities and curiosity. By opening the doors, we choose to explore and expand ourselves as individuals.

The Chinese character for ‘door’ 門 combined with ‘mouth’ 口 means ‘ask’ or ‘question’: “問”. At Red Doors, we help you find answers to your questions: we encourage you to look within, tapping into your intuition and inner self.  By fulling understanding oneself, then we may make conscious choices.

In many cultures, the color red is lucky. It also represents the root chakra, muladhara, which is the foundation of the seven elements of life (earth, air, water, sun, wood, fire and spirit), and the foundation of self awareness. Red is also associated with the Indian God Ganesha, represented as an elephant who is the remover of obstacles.

Why Choose Red Doors?

We live in a fast-paced world: our need to be connected 24/7, and the constant barrage of information we receive, can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. When our minds are overactive, we make decisions from a place of reactivity rather than rationality.  Modern man aspires to achieve a sustainable state of productivity, positivity and well being; and, wishes quick results with minimal effort. Our philosophy is to offer effective holistic solutions through reintroducing time tested ancient practices to the here and now in order to centre, heal and uplift.

Comprehensive, accessible, deep, light, fun, universal, wise, intense, happy journeys are guaranteed here. The truest expression of teaching, healing, and laughing I have found in one place in a very long time. A rare gem on planet Earth...and probably beyond.
— Shelly Ann Reif