Since 1992 the Founder, Martha Collard, has offered management consulting on a contract basis. Clients included Bankers Trust, Salomon Brothers, Manulife, Bank Boston, Bonds in Asia, Grey Global Group, Group M, Universal McCann, Boston Consulting Group and others. Projects ranged from training needs analysis to outplacement programs, from leadership development to building and delivering training solutions, from performance management overhauls to developing HR infrastructure.

She has collaborated with Leadership in Motion to offer action reflection learning facilitated solutions and is an Adjunct Coach for the Center for Creative Leadership. From 2010-2015 she served as the VP Group Organizational Wellness at Lane Crawford Joyce Group where she conceptualized and implemented a holistic wellness initiative spanning 4 companies and over 5,400 staff in Greater China. Focusing on ‘conscious choices’ based on self-awareness her team offered programs in physical, emotional, career, social and financial wellbeing.  There were 3000 participants per month at the end of 2014. 

Martha works closely with her clients and offers unique insights based on her extensive knowledge and tool kit. Her tailored solutions often 'poke, provoke and elevate’ to facilitate a greater understanding of Self and others and supports you in achieving your goals.

Currently her focus and more popular offerings are as follows.  Bespoke programs on request.

Teenage depression
Labyrinths induce the relaxation response identified by Dr Herbert Benson of the Harvard Mind Body Institute.  Children who walk labyrinths become calmer, have a longer attention span and a better ability to deal with conflict.  Her goal is to build a labyrinth in every school through the ‘ Adopt a Labyrinth ’ program. Corporate sponsorship includes a team-building day to paint a labyrinth in a selected school.  Martha follows up with a ½ day workshop with the teachers sharing how to facilitate and use the labyrinth to the best possible advantage and benefit to the students.

Corporate Wellbeing
Staff engagement in Hong Kong according to the latest figures by Gallup indicate that satisfaction levels have dropped from 18% to only 4% in 4 years!  The resulting cost to productivity, morale and profits is staggering. RDUF has solutions -

Me Myself and You
A two day interactive workshop for teams.  Day one is focused on ‘self’. Here you identify your values, motivators and personality profile, gain clarity around stress responses and take the time to evaluate your life objectively.  Day two builds upon these themes by looking at the team profiles, behaviors and implications.  We conclude with conflict and feedback skills. To date Martha has conducted this motivational and inspirational workshop on over 600 staff from Manager to Chairman.

Career Counseling
Beginning with some of the tools above, this program also includes visioning, personal strengths and an objective evaluation of blocks preventing you from obtaining the outcomes you desire.  We imagine a future of choice and develop an action plan to create your reality.

'Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive'.  - Howard Thurman

Stop, Reflect and Redirect
A three day workshop for small groups designed to offer a well needed pause to step back and gain perspective on one’s career, life choices and levels of satisfaction.  You then identify your future state and RDUF supports you in your transition through a holistic approach.

Wellness @ Work
The holistic wellness initiative at Lane Crawford Joyce Group is one of the first programs of its kind in Asia and stands out for its organic growth and success.  Martha shares lessons learned through either a one off informational workshop to a series of facilitated meetings to guide you in building your own best in class culture.

Martha also offers Meditation Mornings, Stress Interventions, Engagement Solutions as well as bespoke workshops and projects on request.