What Is Sound Healing?

A sound experience will alleviate stress, relax muscles, and rejuvenate energy while clearing your mind of unnecessary clutter. 

The ancients knew that sound whether it was sitting next to a stream,  listening to the birds or even the sound of one’s own breath, voice and heart could evoke our natural balanced state. 

Pythagoras in 500BC wrote, “Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it’s own function and character, contributes to the whole.” This is called your resonant frequency.

Many frequencies are too low to be heard by the human ear however we do have the technology to record them.  The frequencies for every healthy tissue, organ and bone in the human body has already been documented.  When we are healthy our bodies are like a well oiled machine, literally humming. When it is not, we may use sound to restore balance through entrainment.


Sound Healing Q&A

Q: When is Sound Healing beneficial?

A: When you feel stuck. If you want to move forward, or shift old patterns that keep repeating in your life, if you want to shift pain, or if you want to shift your perception of feeling lost or disconnected.

Q: Why is sound healing beneficial?

A: In theta, lucid dream state our brainwave frequencies range from 4 to 7 Hz. These frequencies allow our body to completely relax, letting our physical being, spirituality, and emotional and mental selves repair.

Q: How is sound healing different to music?

A: Quantum physics teaches that all matter consists of vibration, and anything that vibrates produces a frequency or tone. Music is the organization of specific frequencies arranged in a particular order to create rhythm and harmony. Sound is vibration, including and going beyond what can be heard by the ear. Sound healing focuses on vibration rather melody.

Q: How can sound heal?

A: Existing research confirms sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

Q: What is the connection between sound healing and meditation?

A: Meditation is the art of bringing awareness and consciousness into our daily lives. Through meditation, we become an observer of ourselves and of our center, a place without judgment or negativity. Through sound healing, we artificially put our body in into a Theta state, our brainwaves between 4 and 7 Hz – something that normally occurs in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or deep, prolonged meditation – allowing access to our subconscious and super-conscious. This is the state in which energy shifts and insights and healing are possible.

Q: How many sessions do I need to come to in order to see results?

A: Energetic shifts can happen immediately during a session or may take several days to develop. Multiple and continuous sessions can be beneficial for creating and maintaining radical energetic shifts.



Gong Bath

The sound of a meditation gong induces a state of spontaneous meditation and relaxation, which facilitates the movement of chi or prana (positive life force) throughout the body. On a physical level, the vibrations eliminate tension, stimulate the circulation and glandular systems, and regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system. Listeners experience a sense of connectedness and peace. They are lulled from a Beta, or awake state, into a Theta, or lucid dream state; a state that allows our bodies to heal and rejuvenate. The sound waves gently clear blockages to restore inner harmony.

Other benefits include calming the mind and stopping internal dialogue; rebalancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies; and awakening higher states of consciousness that are conducive to healing and transformation. A gong bath lets your entire body relax, renew and rejuvenate. In turn, this leaves you feeling content, clear headed, energetic and optimistic.

Red Doors Studio offers a number of different sound experiences on a regular basis and bespoke events are available on request:

  • Regularly scheduled new moon and full moon gong baths
  • Private gong meditation
  • Group gong meditation (private or regularly scheduled event)
  • Regularly scheduled gong training and sound workshops
  • Private dinner or special events at the studio including meditation and gong relaxation
  • Sound events on request that may include mantra meditation and gongs either in the studio or at outside venues

Click here to download our Gong Bath brochure.

Enjoyed my gong bath today, experienced the vastness of universe and beauty of spirits. Truly astounding
— Renu Paryani